Once again, BMW has announced dates for its global, all-riders-invited motorcycle rally. The latest update has BMW Motorrad days running on July 2-3, 2022.

The news comes following the cancellation of both the 2021 and 2020 BMW Motorrad Days events. Of course, the global spread of COVID-19 is to blame. Although we’ve been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and its response for about 18 months now, we still see interruptions to plans.

However, many group events are now running again, including sporting events and motorcycle rallies. Unless things take a significant turn for the worse in Europe over coming months, it seems likely the 2022 BMW Motorrad Days event will run, after taking the past two years off.

What to expect

The next edition of BMW Motorrad Days will run in Berlin; previously, it ran at more rural locations. In 2019, Motorrad Days ran at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a Bavarian ski resort. The 2022 event is scheduled to run at the Summer Garden fairgrounds at Messe Berlin, immediately following the Pure&Crafted Festival, which combines custom bikes, music and hipster gearhead culture. BMW also sponsors the Pure&Crafted Festival, so this is all a clever cost-saving measure. Many younger Beemer geeks will probably be interested in attending both events, no doubt.

Dr. Markus Schramm, the big boss at BMW Motorrad, said this about the 2022 plan:

The new concept is based on establishing a long-term presence at the BMW’s Berlin plant location with the BMW Motorrad Days. We can make use of the synergies with the already well-known and proven Pure&Crafted Festival. However, they will continue to be two separate and independent events: BMW Motorrad is a partner and sponsor of the Pure&Crafted Festival, while we host the BMW Motorrad Days, the brand’s biggest customer event worldwide, ourselves.

As usual, BMW Motorrad Days will offer demo rides, stunt shows, visits from motorsports celebrities and a general bike-themed party with a Bavarian feel, even if it’s based in Berlin now. BMW even says the original Motodrom, the oldest Wall of Death (or so it claims) will be there in 2022. Sounds like fun—see you there, maybe?

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