They’re coming fast.  Moto manufacturers are releasing a flurry of teaser videos ahead of EICMA and BMW Motorrad is the latest.  Their latest teaser is the company’s second of the as yet unidentified (by BMW) motorcycles.  We showed you BMW’s the first teaser just a couple of days ago and the second teaser continues the twisty road theme.

It once again shows a twisty road as two motorcycles race past a low mounted camera.  As the bikes pass, the camera angle flips 360 degrees so you barely see the bikes as they pass.

BMW Motorrad XR

A screengrab and the first glimpse of BMW’s teased machine.

But if you pause the video, you are able to see a brief partial view of the first bike in the procession.  By the time the camera rights itself, you are left with only a long-distance view of the two machines.

BMW Motorrad XR

The best view of one of the new machines.

The engine notes from the machines sound in-line four-ish.  That leads some to guess that the two bikes are BMW’s revised S 1000 XR  and a smaller XR sibling.

BMW Motorrad XR

The best view of the two bikes together.

One commenter to the Twitter video asks BMW if the new video features the S 1000 XR.  But BMW is not talking.  BMW’s response?

BMW Twitter response

BMW didn’t have much to say about their second teaser.

So unless or until BMW Motorrad releases another teaser, we’ll just have to wait until EICMA.


Image credits: BMW Twitter feed

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