BMW Motorrad’s commitment to electric motorcycles appears to be growing.  The German moto manufacturer has applied for a patent that will allow an electric motorcycle to recharge wirelessly.

BMW’s approach is quite innovative for a motorcycle charging system. An illustration in its patent filing shows a motorcycle sidestand placed on a charging pad that is plugged into a wall.  Both the sidestand incorporates a wireless charging receiver while the charging pad incorporates an AC coil.  Once the two come into contact, the AC coil in the tip of the sidestand converts electromagnetic current from the charging pad into electricity that is sent to the motorcycle’s battery.

BMW wireless charging

Simply extend your sidestand and wirelessly charge your electric motorcycle. Image credit: BMW

Unfortunately, the patent doesn’t cover key parameters that most motorcycle riders would like to know.  For example, the patent doesn’t disclose the level of charging the wireless set up can provide.  So we presently have no idea about whether the system provides charging similar to level 1 or level 2 charging systems.

Electrek thinks that the BMW system will likely provide charging similar to level 1 standards.  Normally, level 1 systems are equated to overnight charging.  It likely won’t achieve the faster charging that level 2  or DC fast charging can provide.

So for charging while out and about, perhaps this idea isn’t going to set the world on fire.  But as a home-use system, it could be interesting.  You could simply ride into your garage at the end of the day and extend your sidestand onto the pad.  Get off the bike and walk away.  There’d be no need to plug the bike in and when you leave the following morning, you’ve got a full charge.

Interesting times these.



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