We’ve got confirmation the BMW S1000 XR adventure bike will return for 2020 with an updated engine, but it’s not an official announcement from BMW.

Nope, you can thank the California Air Resources Board for once again spilling the beans on an upcoming motorcycle release. If you want to sell a motorcycle in California, you’ve got to pass its strict emissions testing. CARB publishes that paperwork online, and that’s how we know about the new S1000 XR ahead of the November EICMA show, where BMW traditionally likes to show off new models.

All we have from the paperwork is an indication the engine’s emissions have changed. It’s almost a sure thing that BMW included its Shiftcam variable valve timing design on the S1000 XR for next year, as it needs to pack the bike with the latest tech if it wants to stay current with the competition from Europe (the Ducati Multistrada in particular). The new engine would require an updated chassis and bodywork as well, all par for for the course every few years anyway, when you’re in the adventure bike business.

Although BMW’s S1000 RR superbike makes 205 hp and 83 lb-ft of torque, it’s likely the S1000 XR would be tuned more towards torque and less high-revving horsepower.

Overall, we’d expect the machine to keep the same street-friendly format.

However, BMW’s done an excellent job at keeping the lid on all of this, much better than last year’s sneak peeks of the R1250 GS. All it’s said is that there are four new models coming—more thoughts on the rest of BMW’s 2020 lineup here.

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