BMW is performing minor overhauls on several models on its lineup, including the S1000RR superbike. The litrebike doesn’t see massive changes to its hard parts for 2022, but the chassis does get revisions, and so do other optional packages.

For 2022, BMW’s S1000RR comes with the M-series machine’s chassis kit as standard. Remember, BMW’s taken its M-series madness to its Motorrad lineup, with the M1000RR announced last year via digital launch. There are strong hints we may see a new M1300 GS in the near future. Essentially, these are muscled-up versions of the standard machines, with upgraded running gear to go with added horsepower.

Different markets have new paint options; this basic black livery is new for the US. Photo: BMW

The good news of the M series is even better when that tech starts to trickle down to the standard lineup, and that’s what’s happening here (at least in the US market). US customers will now get the M1000RR chassis kit as standard on the S1000RR, meaning they now have an adjustable swingarm pivot and an adjustable tail riser. It’s just one more indication how far superbikes have come in the past decade. A decade back, this was racetrack-only stuff.

From there, the other changes seem to depend which market you’re in. In the US, the Sport package is discontinued, but other markets now have access to the Clubsport variant, which includes plenty of carbon and billet parts (both available seperately as the M Carbon pack and the M Billet pack, at least in some markets). There are new paint options in various markets as well.

Other markets see slightly different “Individualization” packages available. Photo: BMW

MSRP for the base model S1000RR is $16,995 in the US, and $18,900 in Canada, before adding on taxes and other fees.

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