It’s go, go, go for BMW Motorrad, as the German manufacturer has set a global sales record for the ninth year in a row.

According to BMW’s press release, it delivered 175,162 motorcycles in 2019. That’s a healthy 5.8 increase over 2018’s numbers (BMW moved 165,566 units over 2018).

The increase in sales was due to forward progress in both European markets, and the relatively untapped markets of China and Brazil.

In Europe, BMW sold 26,292 motorcycles in Germany alone (its biggest market), a 10.2 per cent increase over 2018’s numbers. The French, Italian, Spanish and UK/Irish markets were also strong, and that meant all of Europe saw a collective 7 per cent growth in sales.

In Brazil, BMW did even better. The total bikes moved was a smaller number (10,604 units), but that made for 36.7 per cent growth, a number that most manufacturers would be plenty envious of. As a result, BMW now says the South American market is its sixth-largest.

As for China, BMW moved 8,818 machines, for 16.6 per cent growth there, a significant number for a market that everyone’s aiming to grow.

What about North America? Between the US and Canada, BMW sold 15,116 units, which was less than hoped-for, but as the company says, this is “a difficult market environment.”

The R1250 GS series was BMW’s biggest seller in 2019, with the F750/F850 series behind that. Surprisingly, the G310 series didn’t make as much of an impact on the company’s sales sheet as you’d think. Despite the near-insatiable desire for small-capacity motorcycles in developing markets, BMW only moved “over 20,000” of the G310 R and G310 GS machines. Perhaps this comes down to pricing, as the 310 models are very well-priced in developed markets, but may be more expensive than other made-in-China, made-in-Taiwan and made-in-India brands when you get to other markets.

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