What’s long been rumored and then written about, is finally official.

On Tuesday, October 2nd, at INTERMOT in Cologne, BMW held a media event to take the wraps off the highly-anticipated next-generation GS. We’re still getting the technical details on the new machine. What we have now is a mixture of what was known before and a few new facts.

The new engine is a 1250 (technically 1,254 cc,) has variable valve timing and is air-and-liquid cooled. Horespower is bumped up to 134 bhp (100 kW) from the 1200’s 123 bhp (91.7 kW.) The weight is also bumped up, the R 1250 GS coming in at 549 lbs (249 kg.) The new engine and exhaust system are making for a quieter bike, 88 dB on the 1250 GS compared to 92 dB on the outgoing 1200 GS. The adjustable screen is bigger and easily changed via a hand control, and so on through a bunch of changes.

Rather than read words, though, how about taking a look? We have three videos from the event. The first is technical and in Italian, but has English subtitles. The second is in English and is less technical, but does show other features of the new machine. And the third is with a BMW representative who goes into detail about how the new variable valve timing works and how it affects performance.

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