BMW has brought out its updated S1000 XR adventure tourer, with plenty of changes. However, it’s missing the tweak we were looking forward to the most: a Shiftcam engine.

When BMW brought its new Shiftcam S1000RR superbike design out last fall, it was logical to assume we’d see it on the S1000 XR soonish, as it’s based heavily on the racebike. But for some reason, BMW hasn’t chosen to include that variable valve timing design on the S1000 XR.

However, it has done other work to the engine, revising the transmission to make 4th through 6th gears taller. BMW included drag torque control, to avoid herky-jerky downshifts, and has updated the clutch. The updated engine is Euro5-compliant, and BMW says it makes power more smoothly, thanks to various internal changes. The engine is also 5 kg lighter (overall, the bike has lost 10 kg, down to 226 kg).

As electronics are just as important as horsepower these days, BMW ships the new S1000 XR with Rain, Road, Dynamic and Dynamic Pro riding modes. With the first three, the bike’s electronic safety settings are pre-programmed, but the rider can tweak throttle and braking response, traction control, ABS interference and other features through the Dynamic Pro setting.

Cornering ABS is standard, and a cornering headlight is optional for the S1000 XR. A Bluetooth-compativle 6.5-inch TFT screen helps the rider manage all the electronics, as well as navigation duties.

BMW also includes semi-active electronic suspension as factory kit, but riders can pay for optional Pro suspension modes that allow for more control. Other options include an up/down quickshifter, cruise control and other touring-friendly accessories.

Of course, like the previous XR models, the updated version has cast 17-inch wheels, so it’s intended for smooth roads.

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