BMW’s 400 cc scooter lineup gets an overhaul for 2021. The updates are only minor, and they’re mostly done for regulatory purposes.

Engine updates

The BMW C400X and C400 GT still run the same liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine rated for 34 horsepower at 7,500 rpm, and 35 Nm of torque at 5,750 rpm. It’s Euro5-legal now, thanks to an improved catalytic converter, new oxygen sensor, revised cylinder head, and new engine management system. As well, BMW says the scooters have a new “electronic throttle grip” and electronically-operated throttle valve. This sounds like it could be a simple throttle-by-wire system. BMW also says these scooters have a new idle speed control that bypasses the throttle valve, and updated wiring harness. There’s also an improved centrifugal clutch, with new springs.

Along with improved emissions, BMW says the changes make the scooters run more smoothly, with improved throttle response. The 400s have twist-and-go throttles, with CVT gearbox. The previous centrifugal clutch had an issue with lag, and BMW said this is fixed now.

The X model is somewhat sportier, but we’re still dealing with a scooter here, not a sportbike. Photo: BMW

Electronic updates

BMW says it’s also updated the Automatic Stability Control system. As per the press release,

Instead of the previous manual recalibration – for example when changing tyres – the new system now has an automatic radius calibration. In addition, the new ASC is designed for significantly lower friction values than before. When riding, this is noticeable in a more sensitive response and significantly increased regulation comfort – especially on wet and slippery surfaces. Deactivating ASC is now no longer necessary.

Other updates

BMW put new front brake calipers on the 400s, which is supposed to improve brake feel. There’s a new set of brake levers as well. BMW put a new lighting system into the storage compartment, and also put a new USB charging socket into the front right storage compartment. And of course, there are new paint offerings.

At this point, we have not seen 2021 pricing for the C400X and GT models in North America. They may not be available this season, although we haven’t seen any announcement to that effect.

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