Looking for an explanation of the BMW Motorrad Connected app? Have no fear, the company is here to explain, so you can actually use the software instead of riding madly off in all directions as normal.

What’s the Connected app?

Most high-end bikes, and more and more mid-range bikes, even some entry-level machines, come with TFT screens these days. Unlike mechanical gauges or LCD instrument panels, many of these TFT screens come with Bluetooth integration, allowing riders to connect their mobile devices to their motorcycles. On its own, the TFT screen might display basic details like speedometer, tachometer and tripmeter functions. Integrate a mobile device-based app, and you can add other functionalities, such as control over the rider’s helmet comm system (Cardo, Sena, etc.), in turn allowing dash-based control over incoming calls. More importantly, an integrated app also allows the OEMs to display turn-by-turn navigation on the FTF screen.

The Connected app allows riders to upload GPX files, so they can follow a pre-planned route. Using the app, riders can also select the twistiest roads in their area, export map files and record their ride route. The app also allows riders to keep an eye on weather information or traffic conditions, makes lane suggestions and generally fills the role of a modern GPS unit. User reviews seem to be mixed, but much of the whining in the ratings comments does sound a bit silly …

The video series

With that kind of capability, riders could be overwhelmed, so BMW’s put together a video series for the Connected app. See below:

BMW Motorrad’s Connected app is available for iOS devices (click here for Apple’s App Store) and Android devices (click here for the Google Play store). There’s no charge for the app, unlike similar software from some other OEMs.

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