If you’re planning to order a new BMW motorcycle with the Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) option, you might be facing a wait. Motorrad Online, a German moto-publication, reports the factory that makes the electro-suspension has been damaged by flooding, resulting in a production backlog.

Back in July, western Germany was devastated by flooding, with dozens dead and industries destroyed. The Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler region was one of the affected areas, and that’s where ZF manufacturers components for electronic suspension systems, including entire ESA suspension systems for BMW Motorrad.

Motorrad Online reports the ZF production facility is operating again, but it’s a makeshift arrangement. Full automated assembly operations are a long way away, says company leadership. For now, the company’s workforce is reduced to making components by hand, and sending their customers what parts and supplies they can make. ZF says it could be months before its production lines restart their automated production and the facility is back to normal.

What does it mean for customers?

So far, there’s been little talk of this development in North America—at least, little official talk. Motorrad Online reports that customers cannot order motorcycles with the ESA option. Motorrad Online does say some bikes are still available with other “dynamic” options, but machines like the R1250 R aren’t available with ESA.

Is that true for North America? I sent a note to BMW Motorrad Canada on September 15 and still have not heard back.

However, at this point in the riding season, it probably doesn’t make much difference for much of North America either way, as new-bike sales will taper in all of Canada and much of the US, as the season changes.

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