It’s been a long time since Bombardier built two-wheelers, but BRP has hinted at returning to the scene with the reveal of an electric motorcycle prototype.

The revelation came at Bombardier’s Club BRP 2020 show, held earlier this week in Las Vegas. Bombardier unveiled several 2020 models and then showed off electric concept vehicles, including some three-wheelers, a scooter, and a battery bike. You can see photos of the individual models below, and see the prototypes in action in this video:

These days, BRP builds plenty of recreational vehicles, but doesn’t make motorcycles anymore, only the Can-Am Spyder and Ryker three-wheelers. Previously, Can-Am built a line of off-road motorcycles, but they haven’t been in production since the 1980s.

Now, it looks like BRP is seriously considering a return to motorcycle production, but not the smelly two-strokes it used to make. It’s actually been a rumored move for a while. Earlier this year, when electric dirt bike manufacturer Alta went under, BRP made headlines by buying up a bunch of the company’s assets. That didn’t guarantee anything (Polaris still hasn’t done much with the electric motorcycle tech it bought from Brammo), but it was a sign that the company was at least considering EVs.

So here’s video, now, and photos of where those plans are headed. BRP didn’t release any specs for these vehicles (no battery range, output, charging time, etc.). But, it did give names for the vehicles. Elektrek says the three-wheeler with the bubble bodywork is the eCom. The stripped-down three-wheeler that looks just like a Ryker is called the Ryker EV, unsurprisingly (this is the one that seems closest to actual production). The other three-wheeler is the called the TWeLVE. Obviously, grammatical niceties aren’t the designers’ strong point.

As for the scooter and motorcycle (seen in the title image above), Elektrek says they’re the CT1 and CT2, but we aren’t sure which is which. It probably doesn’t matter, because both machines seem a long way from production.

The question we all want to know now is, if BRP really is thinking about electric two-wheelers, do we dare hope for a revived Alta, bearing the Can-Am name? It would be the ultimate zombie brand mash-up, if it happened …


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