Bosch continues to make motorcycling safer through technology. The third-party electronics manufacturer has just announced an emergency calling system that detects crashes and requests help for the rider. It’s called Help Connect.

These sort of crash detection systems have been popping up in the past couple of years, from very different sources. At their base level, they all do roughly the same thing: use accelerometers to detect a crash, then contact emergency services via a cell network. BMW, in particular, has such a system built into some of its motorcycles. Yamaha is working on more-or-less the same thing, and other OEMs have their own systems. Some cell phone apps also offer this service, and even some helmet comms.

From what we’ve seen so far, Bosch is rolling this service out as a cellphone app that ties into a motorcycle’s onboard stability control system (one that’s built by Bosch, of course). Instead of using the phone’s accelerometers to determine a crash, the app is notified of a crash by the bike’s stability control system. From there, it uses the cell phone to contact local emergency services. According to Bosch’s website, the system transmits your GPS data to emergency personnel—if you’re lost, or unconscious, rescuers can still find you. The system can also notify your emergency contacts.

This service isn’t terribly different from what’s already on the market, then, but having Bosch behind it is a good thing. Bosch builds some of the world’s best safety electronics, and will continue to improve this system in years to come.

For now, Help Connect is available in 11 European countries. Visit the Bosch website for more details.

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