Few charity rides are as popular worldwide as the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, also known as “the DGR,” and for good reason: It raises money to fund prostate cancer research and men’s mental health programs, and it’s a great excuse to trot out your shiny vintage Velocette, dress up a bit and play like you’re riding through the countryside in 1952. Don’t forget your pipe and monocle. You do have a Velocette, right?

Fortunately, a Velocette (or any vintage bike) isn’t required to join in the fun of the DGR, which celebrates a decade of dapper detours in 2022. Locally, in Portland, Oregon, which has a vibrant vintage bike/snappy dress/mustachio/tattoo scene, that meant several groups heading for watering holes, foodie finds and vintage bike swap meets in the literal hills around Portland when the ride date was moved up to May of this year. In the past, it had been more in the fall. And yes, it rained. Again.

In 2014, British bike maker Triumph signed on as a sponsor and have now re-upped their support for the next five years. Triumph’s support includes financial and marketing contributions, and also bike giveaways to top fundraisers. “Across our world, from our dealers to our staff, to Triumph fans and DGR riders globally it’s very easy to see how much passion and engagement there is for this significant event and riding cause,” Paul Stroud. Triumph Chief Commercial Officer said in a post on the DGR site.

Yours truly on the 2020 DGR aboard a Royal Enfield INT650.

Riders can also join a ‘Triumph DGR Riding Group’ for the big day, which will be Sunday, May 22nd in 2022. The bike maker also has a dedicated web page for the ride with some fun videos and sign-up information.

The DGR website says the ride takes place in over 900 cities across 116 countries, with nearly 400,000 registered riders (methinks the actual number of riders is a bit higher). DGR says they have raised over $31 million dollars since the first ride in 2012. Participants raise funds through donations on their DGR rider’s page (such as this one for yours truly).

Check out this video of cool bikes and coifed DGR riders from around the world, and if there isn’t a DGR meetup in your home town, maybe think about setting one up.

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