The Daytona 200 and Daytona TT races have been cancelled for this weekend, as well as two upcoming Supercross races.

The announcement on the Daytona races came after President Trump declared a state of emergency in the US today, and after considerable mayhem in the international roadracing scene. Several MotoGP races have been re-scheduled (and the Qatar GP class was cancelled), as well as World Superbike events and the upcoming 24 Heurs Motos event that was supposed to run at Le Mans.

The Daytona 200 and Daytona TT were both set to run Saturday, March 14 (the first time they’d been scheduled as a doubleheader). As Daytona Bike Week was really underway before the COVID-19 scare started, it looked like the whole affair was going to go off despite the global panic. However, that changed when, first of all, a Bike Week attendee tested positive for COVID-19 (that spurred yesterday’s announcement, that the races would run in front of empty grandstands to reduce social contact). Then, Trump declared a state of emergency. Now, the Daytona 200 roadrace and the Daytona TT flat track race are both postponed. It seems the weekend’s shorter sprint races are also cancelled. The 200 will run as part of Biketoberfest, and the Daytona TT’s run date has not been announced yet.

As for Supercross, it’s surprising it took so long for one of those indoor races to be cancelled. Now, the upcoming Indianapolis race, as well as the Seattle race, have been cancelled. No doubt there are more cancellations coming soon in this series.

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