The Husqvarna 901 Norden concept bike might have been the most exciting news out of EICMA, at least for adventure bike fans … but it was just a concept bike, with no guarantee of production. No guarantee of production, that is, until today.

Earlier today, Husqvarna confirmed the 901 Norden would be built as a production machine, as “a move that underlines Husqvarna Motorcycles’ growing commitment to the street segment.” Just as KTM broke out of the dirt-bikes-only stereotype in the last decade, the people at Husqvarna are keen to do the same (no surprise, as it’s owned by the same people as KTM …).

So what else did Husqvarna have to say about the 901 Norden’s impending release? Not much. The tech details were nothing we didn’t already know: An 890 cc parallel twin engine (derived from the KTM 890 engine), a design optimized for adventure touring (“Perfect balance between offroad performance and touring ability,” says the press release), with 21-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear, and high-quality suspension from WP.

Paolo already got a good, up-close look at the bike at EICMA, and the production model should be similar to what he saw. We’d certainly expect the Husky to have specs similar to the KTM 790 Adventure R, as it’s almost certainly being positioned at the high end of its market. That means we’ll likely see such perks as on-the-fly adjustable traction control, fully-adjustable suspension and probably around 100 hp (the 790 makes 94 hp). It’ll be quickshifter-compatible, for sure, but it may not be included as stock equipment. Suspension will almost certainly be fully-adjustable. MSRP will likely be in the $15,000 US range, seeing as the KTM 790 Adventure R sells for  $13,800.

When will it officially arrive on the market? Internet rumour suggests the bike is already under production, although that seems highly unlikely. No timeline was given

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