Overland Expo is the largest event of its kind for ALL adventurous types. Started more than a decade ago, it has grown to a very large size event.

As the original event was held in Arizona, but the demand was there for an additional event that was created and OX East has happened and this year was in Virginia. The demand is continuing to increase so another event has been created for Colorado

Hopefully one of them is near to where you live.

Overlanding is a growing lifestyle and as such, they now are expanding to an additional event in Loveland Colorado AUGUST 28-30, 2020 and will be called “Overland Expo, Mountain West 2020”

The motorcycle segment is small in comparison to the attendees with 4 wheels but it is also growing at a great rate and this year in AZ there was a great selection of riders and vendors.

OX is a great place to be if you are a bicycle rider, motorcycle rider or 4 wheel drive enthusiast and have dreams of overland travel, be it a few weeks to a life time.

There is a good chance at the event there will be more than a few talks, demonstrations and vehicles to catch your attention or keep you busy for days. Most people I have spoken to at the event claim the simply do not have enough time to take it all, for one reason there is so much going on.

Some of the panels and demonstrations will educate you more than doing research on the internet would ever do. People with real-world experience share their stories so you can learn from their skills and not make the mistakes they may be made along the way and generally open up the floor to a Q&A at the end of their presentations.

The general feeling is – ask anyone any question about oerlanding if you feel they could have the answer you’re looking for, there is a huge sense of community at this event.


So, save the date and maybe bookmark the page as more details are released

If you like to see ADVrider more involved please let us know in the comments

The official website page for the new event – OverlandExpo- Mountain West  



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