Bridgestone has announced two new tires of interest to ADVers: The Battlax Adventure Trail AT41, aimed at adventure bikes, and the Battlecross X31, aimed at motocross  bikes.

Battlax AT41

Bridgestone’s Battlax line of streetbike tires is well-known, and the new AT41 fits into that mold, roughly; it’s for ADV machines, but it is street-oriented (20 percent offroad, 80 percent pavement, Bridgestone thinks). In Bridgestone’s lineup, it sits between A41 and AX41 tires, both of which are smooth, road-oriented tires themselves.

The AT 41 rear is a dual-compound tire, with longer-wearing material in the middle, where most riders do the majority of their time, and softer material on the edge, for when you need extra grip while heeled over in the twisties.

The Bridgestone Battlax AT41 comes with dual-compound rear. Photo: Bridgestone

The new tread design is supposed to cut down on uneven tire wear; hopefully this would lessen the amount of cupping on the front, a common problem with adventure bikes and dual sports. The tread design is also supposed to shed water more efficiently, and perform well in touring applications.

The new AT41 is supposed to be available in North America by February of next year, with three 19-inch fronts available, and a 21-inch front. There will be four 17-inch rears available, and one 18-inch rear. At this point, we haven’t seen MSRP, and the AT41 does not appear to have made it to Bridgestone’s website just yet.

Behold the Battlecross X31, a new offering for MXers. Photo: Bridgestone

Battlecross X31

Bridgestone is trying something new here, using its Castle Block technology to run shoulder blocks on the front tire, and uniquely-shaped blocks on the rear.

The rear blocks have a convex shape, which is supposed to add more grip-grabbing edge, thereby increasing contact pressure. The rear also has an asymmetrical block pattern, with lower block ratio and even a cooling fin on the sidewall to help tires maintain consistent performance. The bunker groove is re-designed to lower tread rigidity; add it all up, and Bridgestone says this is a better-performing tire for MX racing hopefuls.

There will be six X31 sizes available in 2022. While not yet appearing on Bridgestone’s US website (so, no US pricing yet), it is on the UK website.

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