Green lanes: In the UK, they’re one of the few remaining options for motorcyclists who want to get in a bit of off-roading (either that, or hit the ferry to Spain). But access to green lanes is always shrinking; now, the South Yorkshire Police and Doncaster Council are announcing a campaign to fight “anti-social motorcyclists.”

According to Planet Radio, the council and the coppers have set up a new community group crack down on green lane riders. A police rep said they’ve been aware of “motorcycles and quad bikes being ridden irresponsibly,” and are trying to address the issue. One of the methods of approach is to set up a group of stool pigeons trail wardens, called the Green Road Watch Scheme. In the words of Roads Policing Sergeant Matt Duffy, as quoted by Planet Radio, the wardens will “provide a high visibility presence in the areas where we have reports of anti-social behaviour related to off-road bikes and quads. The wardens will be patrolling, advising people about rights of access and reporting incidents to the council and the police. They will in essence be the eyes and ears of the authorities, thereby increasing the chances of being reported when riding illegally.”

Now remember, while there are indeed pedestrian-only footpaths and green lanes in the UK, many of these originally allowed motor vehicles, and had those rights taken away by NIMBY hikers and the like. Also, there’s been a problem with green lanes being blocked off to bikes even when they shouldn’t be.

The article doesn’t go into that problem, though; it just mentions the fact that hey, if you see “anti-social or illegal use of off-road bikes,” then the police want you to contact you local neighborhood Trail Riders Fellowship team. Maybe there’ll be an extra bread ration in it for you, comrade!


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