The competition for the retro Brit bike market is heating up, with the new Brixton Cromwell 1200 officially making its debut this week.

For years, Triumph was basically the only player in the retro market, with its parallel twin lines. Then, Kawasaki decided to bring back the W800 and actually push it hard in Europe and North America, and Royal Enfield overhauled its own series of Classics, bringing them into the 21st century with fuel injection, ABS and GPS. And now, Brixton is going big-bore with the Cromwell 1200.

Wait—who’s Brixton Motorcycles? Brixton is actually a subsidiary of Austria-based KSR, which imports motorcycles from Asia and re-badges them for Europe. KSR was best-known for its small-bore, learner-friendly machines in previous years, but with subsidiary Brixton, it’s started to target the retro market with bigger bikes.

So, the Cromwell 1200 appears on the market, ready to take on more luxurious machines. It features a liquid-cooled parallel twin engine with six-speed gearbox (disappointingly, it does not appear to be nicknamed the “Roundhead.”). Brixton says it makes about 80 horsepower at 6,500 rpm, and 80 pounds-feet of torque. There’s a set of dual rear shocks (made by Kayaba, adjustable for preload) and standard telescopic front forks. The Cromwell 1200 comes with 17-inch rear wheel, and 18-inch front wheel. Fuelled up and ready to ride, it weighs 518 pounds. Fuel capacity is 16 liters.

The Cromwell 1200 even comes with TFT screen as standard, two riding modes, traction control, Bosch ABS and ride-by-wire throttle (to keep emissions regulators happy, no doubt). LED lights are standard, too.

All very nice, but will people be interested in a Chinese-built, Austrian-marketed Brit bike lookalike? Judging by the success of Triumph itself, which is selling Asian-built bikes under British badging, it seems likely the Cromwell 1200 will find buyers, if the price is right. We’ll see for sure when the bike arrives at Euro dealerships this winter. See more photos and specs at Brixton’s website here.

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