BRP announced that it has purchased selected assets from the now-defunct Alta Motors.  Alta had been one of the USA’s electric motorcycle manufacturers.  A lack of funding forced Alta to close its doors in October 2018.  It’s electric dirt bikes were received well, but according to some reports, sold at a loss.

An Alta electric motorcycle going through its paces.

At one time, Alta had entered into a partnership agreement with Harley-Davidson.  Under the agreement, the two companies would work together to bring two motorcycles to market under the Harley-Davidson brand and give Alta the necessary funds to continue.  Unfortunately, 6 months later, the agreement was terminated and left Alta without the funding it needed.

In a press release, BRP says that it has acquired the Alta assets as part of “BRP’s longstanding interest in new technologies and alternate energy sources for the powersports industry.”  The purchase includes specified intellectual property, patents, and some limited physical assets.

BRP also said that purchased assets are an opportunity for BRP to complement its ongoing research and development into what BRP called a burgeoning area of expertise.

Unfortunately, BRP does not plan to resurrect the Alta brand.  Their press release made it very clear that they were not interested.

“BRP has no interest in restarting operations of Alta Motors and assumes no liabilities.”

So now the Alta brand is dead.  But perhaps some of their technologies and expertise will continue the BRP products of the future.

BRP’s products include the powersports vehicle brands Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft, Can-Am -on and off-road vehicles, Alumacraft and Manitou boats, Evinrude and Rotax marine propulsion systems, as well Rotax engines for carts, motorcycles and recreational aircraft.

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