COVID-19 has hit us all in various ways, including economically, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop traveling. If you have been planning to explore Europe on two wheels but shipping your bike internationally and spending months riding or booking an expensive, high-end tour just isn’t an option anymore, take a look at these budget motorcycle tours you could do instead.

  1. Garbage Run by Nathan Millward, UK

Nathan Millward is a well-known motorcyclist, adventure traveler, and moto journalist who now runs his own budget motorcycle tour company. The Garbage Run is all about low-key, improvised travel and adventure; all bikes and riding levels are welcome, and Nathan himself will be your tour guide whether it’s the UK or continental Europe.

Tour prices start from £195

2. Enduro Escape, Romania

Enduro Escape is a team of off-road maniacs based in Transylvania, Romania’s most famous and enduro-friendly region in the Carpathian Mountains. Enduro Escape has a fleet of Yamaha WR250F and kTM 300 EXC bikes and offers off-road motorcycle tours ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Their base is near the town of Bran where Dracula’s castle still stands, open for visitors.

Tour prices start at Eur 636

3. Enduro Dreamland, Ukraine

Enduro Dreamland is a Ukrainian off-road motorcycle tour company based near Lviv. They offer off-road bike tours on KTM EXC 500 motorcycles aimed at basic and intermediate/advanced riding level. Their tours take riders on stunning Carpathian Mountain trails offering plenty of challenges and amazing scenery, as well as local hospitality.

Tour prices start at Eur 360

Budget motorcycle tours may have modest accommodation options and smaller, off-road or dual-sport bikes instead of shiny GS 1200’s. However, the adventure, the thrill, and the freedom to ride are still the same, and low-key tours can be a great way to see Europe’s hidden gems.

Where will you be traveling this summer?


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