At the end of a long riding day during bug season does your visor ever look like this?



The big problem with wiping those bugs off is they can scratch your visor and as most visors can be $20 and up to replace you want to be careful not to cause it irreparable damage in the form of scratches

If you can wait until the end of the day there is a free simple way to do this with minimal chance of damage.

Grab about 6 feet of toilet paper and fold it to the width of your visor so you now have a big thick wad.

Soak it in water and lay it across the visor…and forget about it until the morning.

In the morning lift it off and some of the deceased insects will come off with it, but one thing it will have done is soften all the ones that were left, making them easier to get off without having to apply too much pressure.

Another option is to remove the visor and hold it under running water and see what comes off first.

or if you were in a location that has a large sink you can use overnight leave the visor soaking in water, warm water if it was available to have the same effect.


…but why wouldn’t I just use Windex or something similar?

Well, a lot of cleaning products have ingredients in their formulas that could damage the surface of that expensive visor, making it misty, brittle or cause the coating to flake…just be aware or take the cheap way out

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