There’s something cool about small, low displacement retro motorcycles.  I’m not sure what it is, but their size and retro looks are for some reason grabbing my attention more and more.

Bluroc Retro Scrambler

Just as Janus motorcycles caught my attention a while back, the Belgian manufacturer Bullit recently drew my eye.  Its new Bluroc Retro Scrambler’s size and styling make it interesting while it has a pretty nice price tag too.

Bluroc Retro Scrambler

The new machine was recently revealed on the company’s social media pages.  A GIF image rolls through several pictures of the soon to be available machine (available January 2020).  It’s a budget 125cc bike and the components reflect its pricing.  But when all is said and done, it is still pretty cool looking.

It is powered by an electronically fuel-injected 125cc engine making a modest 11.5HP (~11.7PS) mated to a five-speed gearbox.  It’s difficult to tell for certain from the pictures, but it appears that the front uses a non-adjustable conventional fork.  Adding to the bike’s retro feel is a set of fork gaiters.

At the rear, classically styled twin shocks handle the suspension chores.  Unfortunately, it’s not clear whether they are adjustable.

Bluroc Retro Scrambler

Fork gaiters give the Bluroc some retro feel.

The front fork braking setup sees a two-pot caliper grabbing a single disc.  At the rear, a single pot caliper on a smaller single disc.  To meet regulations and likely a price point, the bike foregoes ABS and instead uses a combined braking system. There’s also a standard side and center stand.

Styling-wise, there a neat brown stitched banana seat and a round retro headlight and taillight.  Spoke wheels and a stubby front fender complete the look.  All in all, a nice looking little package.

Bluroc Retro Scrambler

An old-style flat stitched seat adds to its retro feel.


While the Bluroc is not a performance machine by any stretch of the imagination, it does have some of that retro scrambler cool.  And, at £1,999 (approximately$2,640/€2339), it’s got a nice price tag too.





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