Say you’re in a traffic jam—not very adventurous, alas, but most of us have day jobs, and can’t spend our lives jetting about foreign locales on our motorsickles.

You’re there in your car, and you’re starving. What can you do about it? Wrestle your car to an exit, in a mad dash for a fast food fix? Just sit there, and suck it up, getting all hangry? After all, if you’re in your car, you’re not lanesplitting your way out of this one, dude.

But if you were in Mexico City, then you’d be set, thanks to Burger King. See, Burger King has developed a new app that can take advantage of lanesplitting riders to deliver food directly to your gridlocked car.

According to the Washington Post, the app was developed in response to Mexico City’s ghastly traffic congestion, which can leave drivers stuck in their car for as much as five hours a day. The We Believers advertising agency came up with the idea of vehicle-to-vehicle food delivery, and worked with Burger King on the concept.

The app is rather clever; it identifies gridlocked areas of Mexico City, and only allows orders if customers are expected to be stuck for at least a half hour. They must also be within 1.8 miles of  a Burger King location.

Customers with Burger King’s app will get push notifications if they’re in an app-approved delivery area, and smart billboards will update drivers on their orders.

It’s a wacky idea, but then, a lot of Burger King’s marketing leans that way, and even if this program doesn’t make it to other cities (Burger King says there are plans to broaden the project), at least it’s got people talking about the company. And, thankfully for us motorcyclists, talking about the benefits of lanesplitting. It also offers employment to all those out-of-work motorcycle couriers, who’ve been starving ever since the advent of the fax machine …

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