Let’s face it, quality motorcycle gear is usually pretty expensive, and shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new pair of boots or a jacket can be a little painful, especially as that money could better be spent on new farkles instead. So what’s the next best thing, aside from visiting the ADV Rider’s Flea Market and buying second-hand? Used gear can work great, and I believe quality gear bought second hand is better than brand new gear that will fall apart at first impact (or rain). Buying gear on the cheap, however, is an art… But it can be done. Here’s how:

Shop New When It Stops Being New

Visiting dealerships during the spring and fall months is the best time to shop for gear because chances are, they will have plenty of items for sale. When brand new gear comes out, the prices are premium; but after a season, most motorcycle shops start offering discounts to get rid of the old stuff. Buying winter gloves in spring and summer mesh jackets in the fall can save up to 30% or more, and all it takes is a little patience and planning.

Buying Demo Gear

Most big motorcycle gear stores will have lots of gear on display, often for months; and, much like demo bikes, demo gear is rarely sold…unless you ask. Demo gear is essentially brand new stuff, except it’s been sitting in a shop window for a while collecting dust. It may be a bit discolored from the sun, and it won’t be the latest, newest, or trendiest, but a bargain is a bargain, so just approach the store owner and make an offer – you’ll be surprised how often they’re willing to part with the demo gear for a discounted price.

Got any tips for buying gear on the cheap? Share them in the comments below!


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