Ed March is back, with yet another installation in his mad Alaska-to-Argentina adventure. This time, he’s taking his Honda C90 around the Darien Gap and riding down Colombia, and he’s got an almost-hour-long video of the adventure.

A recap, in case you’re just getting here: Ed’s been putting up videos of his adventures aboard his C90 for some time now, including a mid-winter trip to the Arctic Circle, a Malaysia-to-the-UK jaunt, little stuff like that. He’s also managed to somehow shed his clothes multiple times on-camera, so be warned, you’re gonna be mooned if you visit his YouTube channel. But, his cheeky films have proven to be some of the most entertaining ADV travel videos made since Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa, showing what it’s really like to live on the road on a budget.

Ed’s back home in the UK these days (we think), but he’s still uploading videos from his Alaska-Argentina trip from the mid-2010s. He’s putting more and more work into these productions, and it shows, but that means it takes a long time to get the instalments out. He’s not making any money off them either, as they’re free on YouTube, so who can blame him for taking his time?

This latest update shows Ed’s adventures in Colombia. He started off this trip with his girlfriend Rachel Lasham, but by this time they’ve parted ways. Ed starts the video solo in Panama, figuring out how to cleverly get his bike around the Darien Gap and into Colombia, without paying excessive freight fees. From there, it’s the usual madness. Enjoy!

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