Electric motorcycle manufacturer CAKE is planning a new electric motorcycle championship this summer, based solely around its Kalk Or and new Kalk Ink models.

In the past few years, the electric motorcycle world has departed from heavyweight superbike-style designs, with the exception of a few high-profile examples from Zero, Lightning, Energica, and (arguably) Harley-Davidson. Instead, there’s been an emphasis on lighter machines, sized closer to bicycles. That’s where CAKE’s machines slot in; they’re limited in range and performance, but they’re also lighter than the bigger, faster battery bikes. CAKE also puts a typically-Scandinavian emphasis on unique design. And, they’re less expensive, at least in some cases. The latest price we’ve seen on the Kalk Ink is still $9,500 US, which isn’t exactly cheap.

CAKE’s far-out designs (like the Osa) have brought in plenty of interested write-ups, but CAKE wants to take its public exposure to the next level, with a new motocross-style championship. To be clear, this is only a weekend’s racing, not a whole season; nevertheless, it does sound interesting, and it’s good to see a manufacturer that’s willing to put effort into creating competition around its machinery.

The race weekend runs at the Gotland Ring, on the Swedish island of Gotland, sometime in summer of 2021 (dates haven’t been finalized yet). According to the company’s presser,  “The CAKE Kalk One Design race is a 4X (read 4-cross) format. With four racers in each heat racing to qualify. It’s a double elimination concept with winners and losers rounds, to eventually announce a winner.” CAKE plans to invite “16 professional riders from around the globe from the disciplines of Enduro, Motocross, Supercross and Downhill Mountain biking.” Bicyclists in a motocross-style race? Well, that’s a different concept.

CAKE says only bone-stock Kalk Or and Kalk Ink models will be allowed; battery swaps are OK, but otherwise, racers can’t change parts for anything other than an exact OEM replacement.

In the future, CAKE says it plans to run electric moto races in “a series of urban races in major cities worldwide called Global City Racing. The race event will take place Thursday through Sunday, in the spirit of fun, excitement, and sustainability.” These races will be similarly restricted to unmodified CAKE models.

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