Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer Cake was at AIMExpo and brought along its two electric motorcycles, the Cake Kalk& and the Cake Kalk OR.  The main difference between the two machines is that the Kalk& is street legal while the Kalk OR is for off-road use only.   While the two machines are similar, there are important differences.  We’ll talk about the Kalk OR (off-road) first and then follow up with the Kalk& street-legal machine.

Cake Kalk OR

The Kalk OR’s focus is on off-road performance.  It uses a 51.8V, 50Ah, 2.6 kWh lithium battery putting its power through a 24 kW controller and 11 kW motor.  This combination results in a claimed 277 Nm (204 ft-lb) of torque at its rear wheel.  Any way you cut it, that’s a lot of torque.

The more off-road-oriented Kalk OR uses two 24″ wheels.  It uses a chain drive to connect its 13 tooth front sprocket to an 80 tooth rear sprocket.  All up weight is a claimed 154 pounds.  At that weight, its lightweight compared to internal combustion-engine machines of a similar size.


Both Kalks have CNC’d and nicely finished components.

Kalk OR speed and range

Cake says the OR’s top speed is about 50 MPH.  If you’re interested in keeping with Cake’s tagline, “Explore with respect,” that’s plenty of speed.

Range is claimed to be about 50 miles but is dependant on your use of the machine.  It comes equipped with three pre-set power settings; Explore, Excite, and Excel.  Hooning around at the Excel power setting will likely deplete the battery faster than using the Explore power setting.


This small display provides basic info. The knobs at the top are for power and brake settings.

Once you’ve used up the battery’s charge, Cake says that you can recharge it from 0 – 80% in 1.5 hours from a standard 110V outlet.  0 – 100% will require 2.5 hours of your time from a standard outlet.


The Kalk OR’s suspension is provided by high-quality suspension maker Ohlins.  Its upside-down fork is air/oil sprung with 38 mm stanchion tubes.  They provide 204 mm (8 inches) of travel.  The fork is adjustable for high-speed compression, low-speed compression, and low-speed rebound.  The rear suspension has a 225mm Ohlins TTX22 shock.  Cake specified its internals and springs.


Braking is provided by four-piston calipers grasping 220 mm stainless steel rotors.   Seat height is a lofty 910 mm (35.8 inches) when the bike is unladen while ground clearance comes in at 300 mm (11.8 inches).

Riders can adjust engine braking feel and control battery regeneration with one of three settings.  1. Freewheel, 2. Two-stroke and, 3. Four-stroke.  The higher the brake setting comes increased engine braking and battery regeneration.


The Cake& is street legal and road-ready.


The Kalk& is Cake’s street-legal version of the two.  It comes equipped with all those extra items that are required to make a motorcycle street legal.  As a result, its weight rises to 174 pounds.

Similar motor

A similar but not identical setup powers the Kalk& as the Kalk OR.  The Kalk& uses 10kW motor as opposed to the Kalk OR’s 11 kW motor.  The battery setup is the same boasting a 51.8V, 50Ah, 2.6 kWh lithium battery putting its power through a 24 kW controller.

Different wheelset

The wheelset is also different.  The Kalk& uses two 19″ wheels.  Chain drive connects the 12 tooth front sprocket to a 72 tooth rear sprocket.  That setup is likely part of the reason that Cake claims the Kalk&’s top speed is 65MPH (note: the Cake website says the Kalk&’s top speed is 56 MPH, which may just be a typo).  Since the Kalk& is supposed to be a street bike, having that extra speed is an important element.

The Kalk&’s suspension uses the same Ohlins components as the Kalk OR.  That results in identical seat height and ground clearance as the Kalk OR.


Here you can see how narrow the Kalk& looks.


As you can imagine, the street-oriented Kalk& is more expensive than its off-road based sibling.  The Kalk& retails for $14,000.  The more off-road biased version, the Kalk OR retails for $13,000.  That’s not inexpensive, but for that money, you are getting high-end components on a very lightweight and easy to manage motorcycle.

If you are interested in purchasing either the Cake Kalk& or Cake Kalk OR, you can order directly from Cake’s website.  At the time of order, you pay a $200 deposit and the remaining $11,800 just before shipment.  It’s a similar arrangement for the Cake Kalk&.  A $200 deposit orders your machine, and the remaining $12,800 is due just before shipment.

Cake says the Kalk OR will ship approximately two months after your order.  The wait is somewhat shorter for the street-legal Kalk&.  It will ship about one month after you place your order.

As a final note, the Cake folks say that they have something else up their sleeve.  They wouldn’t tell us what it was, but they said that we should look for another announcement in early November.  We’ll keep our eyes and ears open until then.  It will be interesting to see what other ideas Cake has up its electric motorcycle sleeve.

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