Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer CAKE is introducing its first motorcycle to help combat poaching.  The CAKE Kalk AP (anti-poaching) is a special edition electric motorcycle designed specifically to help rangers protect endangered wildlife.

Its design allows it to be operated in the harsh conditions of the African bush.  The new Kalk AP was developed in tandem with the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) to successfully serve rangers with their work.

Kalk AP – helping rangers and animals

And, for this type of work, an electric motorcycle can help wildlife rangers do things like charge the bike in the field.  And, of course, the electric platform is much quieter than an internal combustion-engined machine.  Can you say sneaky?  The rangers on a CAKE Kalk AP can.

According to CAKE’s CEO Stefan Ytterborn:

“Solar power, new technology, and a new category of vehicles that help save endangered species in Africa. This is a perfect example of purpose meeting sustainability.  We are extremely honored to be able to work with our partners
on this initiative and to contribute to developing the means to help curb poaching in the region.” – CAKE CEO Stefan Ytterborn

Kalk AP entering field operations

Later this year, the Kalk AP will enter field operations in conjunction with Goal Zero solar kits.    The solar kits will enable the Kalk AP to recharge in the field without the need for traditional electric power outlets or supplies.  Like other Kalk models, the Kalk AP features a removable battery. And, charging the battery can be done both on and off the bike.

The Kalk AP is a lightweight and rugged machine.  It weighs in at a rather feathery weight of 176 pounds.  It uses a 50A / 2.6 kWh battery to deliver a peak motor output of 11 kW and potentially 3 plus hours of riding time depending on conditions, throttle use, and rider weight.   According to CAKE, the bike can deliver 42 nM of torque at the hub and 280 nM of torque at the rear wheel, giving the bike a top speed of 56 mph (~90 kph).

Cake Kalk AP

CAKE says this motorcycle will help rangers protect endangered wildlife. Photo credit: Cake

Kalk AP software upgrades

The AP also features CAKE’s three ride modes and 3 braking modes.  Like the other Kalk models, the AP also uses the same gearing with an 80 tooth rear sprocket and a 12 tooth front sprocket.

The AP’s software is different than the others, however.  Its software uses some new code to allow it to operate in higher temperature environments.  For example, it considers those times when high speed may be less important than torque.

Suspension changes

Modifications have been made to the bike’s front and rear suspension.  The Kalk AP’s suspension emphasizes reduced maintenance without sacrificing the bike’s mission.

Also the bike’s sealed electric motor is fully submersible and able to withstand the difficult and dusty conditions that rangers often encounter.  There’s also a high front fender for use in muddy terrain.

The AP’s utilizes CAKE’s 18 X 1.85 inch rims with Continental TKC-80 tires on both ends.  This setup is different from other CAKE Kalk models.  This wheel/tire combo provides for better weight dispersion and lower tire pressures, which can help in muddy or sandy conditions.

Charity program

If the Kalk AP is something you’d like to own, you can.  It is available as part of a buy-one-give-one charity campaign.  If you purchase one, both CAKE and Goal Zero will donate the bike’s “profit margin” directly to SAWC.

As such, when a customer purchases a Kalk AP, an identical twin model will be built.  CAKE then gives one Kalk AP to an active anti-poaching unit operating in one of the 25 national parks where the Southern African Wildlife College manages anti-poaching teams.

Also, if you purchase a Kalk AP, Goal Zero will provide a solar panel and power station kit.  The kit enables the donated bike to operate in the African bush free from any electric power grid.  Thus, the machine can continue to carry out its mission to protect wildlife in the South African bush’s remotest areas.

“Connected” motorcycle and data

Interestingly, all the “twin” bikes are connected to their sibling bike operating in the bush.  Purchasers of the AP “…will then receive continuous updates on where it is, what is happening, and what good it has achieved.  CAKE will also receive these notifications and will share ongoing achievements in various channels.”

The cost of doing good

Anyone interested in supporting the Electric Bush Bike Anti-Poaching Act can help by purchasing a Kalk AP.  You can do so by reserving a model for $1,000 at Ridecake.com.  What’s the cost for your own Kalk AP, the donated “twin” Kalk AP, and the solar panel kit?   It’s $25,000.   That’s not an insignificant chunk of change.  But hey, you’re building two machines and helping out a good cause at the same time.  Deliveries will begin in September 2021.

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