I know there a lot of guys out there that ride and have a significant other that do ride (but maybe would like a little training) or would like to.

Maybe you the ‘man’, aren’t the right person to assist in teaching and training your female loved one/s.

My buddy Scott who owns 3 Step Hideaway in Utah has you covered. If you aren’t aware of what or where 3 Step is? It is a specific location-based adventure motorcycle/ dual sport destination that was started by Scott and his wife Julie in the 4 corners area, and their love of the southwest and adventure.

It is an original homestead established back in the late 1890’s and Scott and Julie have added some creature comforts, a few clicks through their website will make you want to go and stay for sure.

One of the first great events they are holding this season is offered by ADVwoman and called the ‘ADVWoman Rendezvous’ (riding classes for women) April 23-26, 2020 and would be a great opportunity to go and hang out let your s/o do some training and if you are so inclined go and ride some of the many tracks Scott has mapped out without even having to hit a paved road to begin your ride. Contact Pat at ADVwoman or Scott at 3 Step for more details

If you and your s/o are already riders then maybe the following weekend is the time for you?

3 Step holds their own season opener – 3 Step Desert Rendezvous.   April 30- May 3,  2020. I have been to a few of these and can highly recommend showing up, lots of like-minded folks are there.

You might plan to just come for the riding but will be happy to stay for the amazing hospitality and food that the 3 Step is known for.

If you are thinking that the 3 Step is a little far away, consider that you could ship your bike/s there and they also offer storage

If the timing isn’t right for you, maybe stop by later in the year when you are riding the TAT, because the 3 Step is perfectly located right on the route.

Either way, stop by and like so many others after your first visit you WILL plan to return

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