Packing light is an art, or is a state of mind, or does it even matter, do YOU take what YOU need to be comfortable!

Do like to camp to keep costs down, but what do you do once you are set up?

If you’re that rider who doesn’t like to spend money on gear that rarely gets used I guess you sit on the floor or go find a log to sit on, or borrow hard pannier if you don’t have your own…but what about everyone else?

Even if you are a light packer is a chair still a requirement, how minimal or comfortable do you go?

Just enough to get your ass off the ground

or maybe you like to be closer to earth but still comfortable by converting your sleeping pad into one of these

or are you the, screw that tiny stuff I have a big ass and it needs its own zip code

or are you a music lover, a ‘rocker’ could be more your style

ok, yes I’m a rocker, but I need something a little more, stealth…I rocked one of these for a few years with my 250lbs, not an issue…except after a long night next to the campfire and downing multiple adult beverages it was pure entertainment for EVERYONE ELSE to watch me try and get vertical

You thought I forgot, if none of the above work for you, you are the king of the campfire so you need your throne!

If none of the above are in your kit, enlighten us in the comment section about the best, most comfortable, cheapest, most expensive, smallest, lightest, most inventive chair you have ever taken on your motorcycle trips.

If it is a rarity, then add a link or photo along with your comment so others can know your comfort


***a simple right-click and search Google will locate any of these chairs as they are made by hundreds of different manufacturers and massive variation of pricing for a few $ and up, you can do the legwork from the comfort of your chair…if you have one


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