Reports of the Can-Am Ryker 900 Rally’s death are greatly exaggerated, as Mark Twain might say.

Shortly after regulatory documents seemed to indicate the Ryker 900 Rally would not return for 2022, lo and behold—we see it listed in Can-Am’s lineup for next year.

What’s new for 2022? It seems Can-Am is calling this an “all-new” machine. See the press release below:

Part of that is an all-new 2022 Can-Am Ryker Rally, which has been transformed for enhanced ruggedness and capability, and is built for a truly fun ride no matter the type of road you are on. This top-of-the-line model is loaded with premium, rally-oriented features that provide an exhilarating all-road experience, including enhanced suspension travel, increased ground clearance, superior vehicle protection, new seat options, new wheels, and new foot pegs. Each of which is meant to maximize performance and comfort. If you are looking for unconventional playgrounds to explore, the Can-Am Ryker Rally is an ideal choice.

But wait! Wasn’t there a Rally Edition of the Ryker from the launch in fall of 2018? You’re probably getting confused now, and we don’t blame you. We are too. It sure looks like the new Ryker Rally has the same features as the old Rally Edition (higher seat, beefed-up chassis and suspension, Rally Mode for the engine), and nobody from Can-Am has bothered to explain otherwise to us.

However, reading on through the Can-Am press release, we see there’s also a Ryker Sport model confirmed for 2022, which we presumed was happening, based on those same government regulatory docs we mentioned earlier. The Sport model also gets upgraded suspension, and the engine gets Sport mode.

You can see Can-Am’s full Ryker lineup here.

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