Can-Am is shaking up its three-wheeler lineup for 2022, it seems. According to government documents, Can-Am is ditching the Ryker 900 Rally model, and introducing a Ryker 900 Sport for next year.

The news comes from via The crew there unearthed paperwork from the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board that shows the base model Ryker 900 and Ryker 600 models are approved for 2022, along with the new Ryker 900 Sport … but there’s no Ryker 900 Rally.

Back in the fall of 2018, when the Ryker series debuted, the Rally model came in as sort of an ADV model. With long-travel KYB suspension, handguards, a beefed-up frame, knobbier tires and a Rally riding mode, it was intended for rough or unpaved roads (obviously nothing too bumpy, though). Great idea, right? Nobody else is making an adventure-oriented three-wheeler (well, unless you count Ural …).

It seems Can-Am’s going in a different direction now, with the Rally not appearing on 2022 regulatory paperwork. Instead, there’s the new Ryker 900 Sport.

What’s so sporty about the machine? It appears to run the same three-cylinder ACE engine as the standard 900 model, which would put max output at 82ish horsepower at 8,000 rpm. However, it’s lighter than the Rally model. Maybe we’ll see some carbon-fibre bits, or other lightened parts and streamlining?

With the 2022 selling season just around the corner, we should see the new machine in a few weeks, and we’ll know all then. We’d certainly expect the bike to once again be marketed towards younger buyers, as that’s the whole point of the Ryker lineup: Bringing new, young customers into the Can-Am tent.

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