Our quiz asking you to identify a specific motorcycle from a portion of its photo was quite popular.  We thought it might be a fairly easy quiz for many of you and indeed it was.  Congrats to those who got perfect scores.  But since many of you aced this exam, we’ve decided to make it somewhat tougher this time.

What’s the first thing you likely look at after you get on a motorcycle?  It’s the instrument panel.  So this time around we are asking you to identify the bike just by looking at the gauge cluster sitting directly in front of your face.  We’ve gathered a mixture of old analog clusters as well as the new digital TFT and LCD panels.  It’s your job to figure out which bike belongs to that particular display.

Since some of the displays are used on multiple bikes by the manufacturer, there’s only one manufacturer for each picture.  So if you think you’ve seen the display before on a particular model, but it doesn’t appear in the list of choices, pick the same manufacturer and you’ll get the correct answer.

After you have completed the quiz, let everyone know how well you did in the comments below.  Enjoy!


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