Our first “Can You Name These Motorcycle Models” crossword was a hit.  Many people commented that they really enjoyed the puzzle and that it was fun.  But several also mentioned that the puzzle was easy and we can’t have that can we?

So our second “Can You Name These Motorcycle Models” puzzle is more difficult.  Some of the brands are less well known.  And, I stayed away from those bike models that are an everyday occurrence.  You won’t find Gold Wing or Ninja is this puzzle.  That said, you don’t need to be an expert on historic bikes to enjoy this one.

To recap, the crossword puzzle will give you a clue as to what the name of the model is.  It will also give you the name of the model’s manufacturer.  Remember that manufacturers can and do share model names.  So if you think you know the correct model but think it’s from a different manufacturer, it could still be the correct answer.

Once you have completed the puzzle, let everyone know what you thought of the puzzle and whether it was easy, hard, or ludicrously difficult.  I will guess that few of you can complete the puzzle at “ludicrous speed!”

Once you are done or stuck, you can scroll down to the very bottom of the page for the correct answers.  Enjoy!


























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Answers To Name These Motorcycle Models #2.

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