Motorcycle sales in Canada continue their excellent performance.  In every month this year except April, Canadians have purchased more motorcycles than they did in 2019.  According to Canada’s Motorcycle And Moped Industry Council (MMIC), motorcycle sales are up by 18.6 percent versus 2019.

In most motorcycle categories, sales are significantly better than they were last year.  Some categories are 31 to 59 percent better for the year to date than they were last year.

Canada 2020 YTD sales

The news is pretty good for motorcycle sales in Canada.


The weak link is the “street bike” category.  Sales of street bikes are down 10.8 percent compared to 2019.  Street bike sales didn’t rebound until June of this year and the large deficit from the beginning of the year is hard to overcome.

Dirt bike sales were roughly in line with 2019 until April.  But sales skyrocketed from that point through July and once again fell below 2019’s sales.  The drop in sales may be attributable not to demand but to a lack of supply.   Sales peaked so rapidly that Canadian consumers may have outstripped the dirt bike supply.  With many factories closing due to COVID, new inventory is late, and the end of Canada’s riding season is rapidly approaching.

MMIC segment sales

A breakdown of motorcycle sales by segment presented by Canada’s MMIC.

MMIC segment sales

A breakdown of motorcycle sales by segment presented by Canada’s MMIC.

As you might imagine, motorcycle sales were the highest in Canada’s more populous provinces.  Quebec led the way in sales, followed by Ontario and British Columbia.  Those three provinces accounted for roughly 73 percent of all motorcycle sales.  Only Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, and Nunavit posted negative results compared to 2019.

But in light of the impact on COVID worldwide, Canadian motorcycle sales have been on quite a roll.



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