The Canada-US border has been closed to non-essential land travel for more than a year now, much to the frustration of riders in both countries. Americans can’t ride through British Columbia to get to Alaska, and they can’t ride through Quebec or New Brunswick to do the Trans Labrador or Trans Taiga, or even hit the Cabot Trail. Canadians can’t get to the great twisties in New England or the Appalachians, or go on a much-needed mid-winter dirt bike romp around Moab.

But despite much unhappiness, motorcyclists haven’t really done much about it. Except for, one rider from the province of New Brunswick. In early May, a Canadian man made headlines when he allegedly rode his motorcycle through the Canada/US line without stopping for American border control authorities.

Whoa. You just don’t do that, even in Houlton, Maine. Understandably, this sparked the interest of law enforcement; Border Patrol called state police, and they started chasing the motorcycle down I-95 at high speed. Reports from the incident sound like a chase from a movie, with a Forest Service helicopter joining pursuit. At one point, authorities said the bike hit more than 150 mph as it fled authorities.

The rider eventually left I-95 and continued to evade police through the streets of East Millinocket. Eventually, the bike came to a stop on Katahdin Avenue. The rider was charged with eluding an officer, driving to endanger, reckless conduct, criminal speeding and failure to stop for law enforcement, reports Fox Bangor.

Why would anyone run the border, especially now, with tightened security? Nobody’s reported on the reason for the alleged caper, but this is certainly something that riders are likely dreaming about, after months of restrictions (although none of the inmates have been crazy enough to try this yet!).



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