You’ve probably already heard about Captain (Sir) Tom Moore.  Captain Tom as he’s now well known as, came to “fame” during the COVID pandemic.  He is a former World War II British Army officer who earned both the Pride of Britain and Yorkshire Regiment Medal.

But recently, at the age of 99, Captain Tom decided to walk laps of his garden to aid NHS Charities Together and the fight against COVID.  His goal?  Raising £1,000 before reaching his 100th birthday.  And, when the morning of his 100th birthday arrived, Captain Tom had raised more than his goal.  Much more.  His efforts resulted in more than 1.5 million donations totaling more than £30 million.

Aside from his WW II medals and fundraising capabilities, Captain Tom has some less known distinctions.  He has a keen interest in motorcycles and was a successful competitive motorcycle racer.  His mount of choice was a 1912 Scott Flying Squirrel which he raced using the number 23.

Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore sits astride his 1912 Scott Flying Squirrel motorcycle.  Here, he is holding trophies from racing events. Photo credit: Yorkshire Live

And, the motorcycle he raced to victory has been found.  It had been bought and rebuilt by a man named C. H. Wood.  His son, David Wood now owns the machine.  When David found out about the bike’s provenance, he offered it to the Bradford Industrial Museum for a long term loan where it currently is on display.

Scott Flying Squirrel

Captain Tom’s restored 1912 Scott Flying Squirrel. Photo credit: Yorkshire Live

Congrats and thank you, Captain Tom!  Here’s to many more birthdays and achievements to come.



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