Most of you are probably already familiar with Cardo and their helmet-mounted Bluetooth and Mesh communicators.  And to date, their communicators have been helmet-mounted devices that enable helmeted riders to speak with each other.

But what if you want to speak with a Cardo-equipped person but not wear a helmet?  That’s the dilemma that Cardo hopes to solve with its latest product, the Packtalk Headphones.

Cardo is targeting people who work with helmeted motorcyclists and those who want to communicate without wearing a helmet.  Specifically, Cardo says that their new Packtalk Headphones will be a valuable tool for those involved in coaching and training.

Packtalk headphones

The Packtalk Headphones are for persons who want to communicate without wearing a helmet.

According to Cardo, the new system will let coaches, instructors, and crew members keep “… a constant and intimate connection in the field, on the slopes, or at the track.”  They also say the new equipment will allow instructors to deliver feedback to students in real-time to create a dynamic and efficient session.  For those involved in vlogging and content production, the new over-the-ear headphones can help producers coordinate scenes by allowing real-time communications with the crew or the subject of the content.

The Cardo Packtalk Headphones are compatible with Cardo’s Packtalk, Backtalk Black, Packtalk Bold, Pactalk Ducati, and Smartpack.  Note that you must supply a Packtalk communicator for each headphone set.  Cardo’s Packtalk Headphones will be available by the time you read this at an MSRP of $129.90.

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