Cardo is introducing a special program for motorcycle coaches to increase accessibility to Cardo products for motorcycle coaches and instructors.  Driving this new program are Cardo’s new PACKTALK Headphones and PACKTALK BOLD communicators.  The two devices help instructors to give real-time two-way instruction to students.  As a result, communications between students and instructor/coach increases.

Under the new program, motorcycle and powersports coaches and instructors will receive special treatment.  Approved participants will receive 20% off a PACKTALK bundle, which includes the new PACKTALK Headphones with either a solo PACKTALK BOLD unit or the PACKTALK BOLD DUO set.

Once approved, participants “will also have access to exclusive discounts, special promotions, insights to a new product before launch, and other features.”  To apply, coaches and instructors should go to  Your application will be reviewed, and if approved, you will be given access to the program’s VIP benefits.

headphone entry

The entry form is on’s website.

Dan Emodi, Cardo’s Chief Marketing Officer, had this to say about the program:

“We’re excited to introduce our coach’s program and welcome coaches and instructors all over the world into the Cardo family. With the Cardo Coaches program, we now make Cardo’s industry-leading products even more accessible to coaches and their students. The Cardo PACKTALK Headphones eliminate unwanted downtime and maximize each training season by allowing coaches to provide in-the-moment feedback directly into the student’s helmet.”

headphone coach faq

FAQs for the Cardo Coach’s program.

Expert opinions on headphones

Cardo’s close work with several industry professionals worldwide is the key to the headphone’s success.  According to Cardo, PACKTALK Headphones are proving to be a game-changer in Ricky Carmichaels Camp Carmichael sessions.

Speaking about the PACKTALK Headphones, Carmichael said:

“At the 2019 Monster Energy Cup we all saw first-hand the real value and incredible benefits of mechanic-to-rider communication.  Since then, I have implemented Cardo as a standard into my Ricky Carmichael University coaching sessions. Not only is it incredibly efficient, but the students take to the coaching tips more seamlessly, as I can pinpoint the exact moment during their ride to provide my feedback and direction. Cardo’s headphones will revolutionize motorcycle coaching and training and add an extra layer of safety to all events where it is used.”

If you would like more information about Packtalk Headphones, check out our earlier article.

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