Cardo Systems (manufacturer of helmet communication systems) and JBL Sound just renewed their exclusive partnership for the next five years.

Why the deal? HARMAN-owned JBL Sound makes speakers, and Cardo says those speakers provide better sound for its comm set users.

Previously, Cardo offered some helmet comms with JBL speakers (this deal started in 2016), and now it says it will offer more units with that option. As per the press release: “The broader collaboration between Cardo Systems and HARMAN will include new integrated JBL -produced and –branded speakers delivering superior audio experience to users of Cardo’s units world-wide.”

This could be good news, if you ride with a helmet comm. Over the past decade, comm sets have gone from being a rarity, to become a must-have accessory, allowing riders to stay in contact in group rides, or listen to music, stream turn-by-turn GPS directions, even answer their phone while riding (shudder!).

However, sound quality has been a constant bugbear, even as new features get added or improved. Many helmet comm speakers aren’t loud enough, or they put out poor-quality sound. Cardo says it’s learned this “through extensive market research” and solved the problem by offering upgraded JBL speakers. It’s not exactly rocket science, folks, but at least Cardo is willing to address the problem.

Cardo currently offers Packtalk and Freecom comm sets, offering Cardo’s Dynamic Mesh Communication network. For more details head over to Cardo’s website. You can see our review of one of Cardo’s previous team-ups with JBL, the Packtalk Bold JBL Communicator, here.

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