Looking for a new helmet communicator? Cardo’s got another offering on the market, the new Packtalk Black Special Edition, with better speakers than previous Packtalk units. Pricing starts at $389.95.

The new Packtalk Black comm sets come with 45mm JBL speakers as standard equipment. Ordinarily, this is a $90 upgrade (“Boost your bass, amplify your treble, heighten your Bluetooth audio experience with a premium JBL-powered, 3.5mm headphone jack speaker set,” says Revzilla). Otherwise, the Black is much the same as Cardo’s other Packtalk units.

The Packtalk Black uses Cardo’s proprietary Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) system, allowing up to 15 riders to connect simultaneously; using DMC, riders can connect at distances up to five miles, under suitable conditions. Battery life is 13 hours, and if necessary, you can use the unit while recharging, often an important feature for long-distance touring.

The new Cardo unit also comes with voice activation capability, allowing you to use it hands-free. There’s a built-in FM radio function, and automatic volume control. Cardo says this new unit is waterproof, unlike some competing units. It’s Bluetooth-compatible with mobile devices (you can answer phone calls, or listen to music) and most other motorcycle communication headsets.

The Packtalk Black comes with a three-year warranty (other Cardo units come with a two-year warranty), and as the name implies, it comes with a black paint job. You can find full details and specs at Cardo’s website; the $389.95 MSRP only gets you a single unit, plus some accessories. Cardo says it will actually start shipping the Packtalk Black on August 12.

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