Back in 2004, Cardo created the world’s first motorcycle Bluetooth headset.  Now, Cardo has introduced the world’s first natural voice operation intercom.  In addition Cardo’s Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) system eliminates traditional Bluetooth problems.

Cardo claims it’s PACKTALK BOLD is the most capable motorcycle communication system in the world.  Now with an always-on natural voice operation capability, PACKTALK BOLD eliminates the need to push a button, turn a wheel or slider to communicate.  Commands are given by just using your voice.  To enter a command, all you have to say is “Hey Cardo”.

PACKTALK BOLD is sold individually or in pairs.

Connecting to other PACKTALK riders is simple.  Once connected to another rider, you can forget having to manually connect again.  PACKTALK will recognize those riders and connect automatically.

PACKTALK can be used in all weather conditions which is nice for those long rainy rides.  Waterproof to IP67 compliance, the PACKTALK can handle it.

Cardo claims that the PACKTALK BOLD is waterproof to IP67 standards.

One of the great benefits of PACKTALK is its ability to connect from 2 to 15 riders.  So whether you are riding with just one other person or riding in a pack of 15, you can still have quality, long distance communications.

If your friends have a brand of communicators other than PACKTALK, PACKTALK BOLD will still connect with them.  That’s because PACKTALK BOLD has universal connectivity with any major brand of intercom by using its Bluetooth capability.

If you want some musical entertainment while you are riding solo or with your friends, PACKTALK BOLD can handle it.  You can easily stream music directly from your smartphone.  You can even stream the music to your friends’ intercoms.  A nice additional touch is the built-in FM radio that can automatically select radio stations with the strongest signals.

Sound quality is excellent.  A pair of powerful 40mm, high definition speakers and a specially tuned audio processor deliver an outstanding sound experience.  Sound level is automatically maintained based on outside ambient noise.  As noise increases, the sound level increases and as noise decreases so does the volume of your intercom.

Since you can connect PACKTALK BOLD to your phone, you have the ability to answer and make calls.  You can even merge an incoming call into the intercom conversation.  Control of your mobile device is easily accomplished by using your voice or finger.

While you are riding, PACKTALK BOLD’s internal algorithms make sure that all your audio sources – Music, mobile calls, FM radio and intercom work together in parallel.

Cardo claims a range of up to 1 mile in perfect conditions.  In the real world you will likely get about 2/3rds of a mile range.  Having a sufficient power should not be an issue as talk time is boasted to be 13 hours from a single charge.  However, should you need to charge the PACKTALK BOLD while you are riding, you can plug your PACKTALK BOLD to a battery pack or your 12V charger and it will charge while you ride.

All of the PACKTALK BOLD’s functions can be controlled through Cardo’s purpose-built app called Cardo Connect.    The app is available for both Android and iOS phones.

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