Cardo showed off its latest Packtalk Bold Communication system at the AIM Expo.  Cardo is a leader in motorcycle communications and was the first company to introduce mesh cloud technology.  Its Dynamic Mesh Cloud (DMC) technology allows multiple riders to create a cloud-based communication system.  As a result, if one rider falls out of the cloud the remaining riders continue to be able to communicate.

Cardo’s Packtalk Bold takes communication clarity one step further.  Cardo partnered with sound design firm JBL to examine how sound travels in a helmet and to the rider’s ear.  With JBL’s help, Cardo has been able to maximize audio clarity and give riders the ability to configure their sound. Powerful, high-definition speakers and specially-tuned audio processor deliver an enhanced sound experience.

The Packtalk Bold has 3 main presets but you can also configure your sound to conditions and your personal taste.  For example, if you are listening to podcasts, you can enhance vocal content.  If you are listing to music, you can adjust bass for a more robust sound.

In addition, the Packtalk Bold now features an always-on natural voice operation feature.  Using the key phrase, “Hey Cardo”, the communicator can provide a number of functions from answering the phone to connecting to Google Maps giving you a route home.

Connecting intercoms is made simple as well.  Once paired to a Cardo or other major brand communicator, the Packtalk Bold remembers the connection.  So once discovered, the communicator remembers its previous connection and automatically connects.  No additional button presses are necessary.

Riding in adverse weather conditions is not a worry.  With IP67 compliance, the Packtalk Bold is truly waterproof.

The Packtalk Bold retails at $329.95 for a single unit or $579.95 for a duo.



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