Editor’s note: Read Part 1 of John’s epic ride from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to his home in California, USA here. Part 2 can be read here, Part 3Part 4  Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8. Enjoy!

I love places like this, basically Orwellian. Thus far Russian cities have absolutely lived up to the stereotype of dour sullen greyscapes. I suspect a Russian would feel the same about East Oakland.

Siberian City  Krasnoyarsk

Siberian City Krasnoyarsk

So right now I’m in the middle of south central Siberia.  It’s vast.  In all Russia has 11 time zones.

Siberia Map

I met a rider from China.  Interestingly, he couldn’t get into the EU without a Visa, and I couldn’t get into China without a Visa, but here we were meeting in a gas station on a Russian highway.  I like that.

Rider From China


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