Numerous outlets are reporting the sighting of a new middleweight adventure bike from Chinese manufacturer CF Moto.  The fact that CFM is building an adventure bike is not news, but how advanced it appears to be this soon is.

It seems that CF Moto’s collaboration with KTM is paying off.   To be able to have a new bike so far along in production is a significant achievement.  But the Chinese manufacturer’s production capability was clearly given a head start.  CF Moto already produces complete KTM models sold under the jointly owned KTM R2R brand in China.  And, CF Moto has already agreed to manufacture complete 790 Adventure and 790 Dukes in a new factory as early as later this year.

CF Moto adventure bike spy shots

The spy shots reportedly emerged on social media and show a pretty much ready to go machine.  Although parts of the machine are covered with hallucinogenic markings to throw off photographs, it looks like the bike is close to, if not a final prototype.

CF Moto’s new adventure bike is said to sport KTM’s recent 790cc parallel-twin engine.  That lump has so far met with mostly rave reviews.  So a machine propelled with such an underpinning should be a good thing.

From the one clear and one blurry spy shot, we can see that the bike sports upside-down forks.  Interestingly, the seat and fuel tank unit look to be of monocoque design with the fuel being in the conventional moto position.

One of the key features of KTM’s 790 Adventure is the placement of the fuel tank very low on the chassis.  That’s a key departure from the KTM design and potentially one of the best features of the KTM machine.  How the change affects CF Moto’s version of the machine and its and handling will be of significant interest to most.

More choices in the marketplace is often a good thing.  How the new CF Moto adventure bike will do in this hotly contested segment will be revealed in the future.

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