Ever heard of Mash Motorcycles? If you aren’t in the EU or the UK, probably not. Too bad, as Mash sells some super-cool retro-styled machines, often in niches nobody else will touch. This X-Ride Classic 650 is a great example of that.

First off, if you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of Mash, and where they’re made, and why they aren’t sold in North America, it’s simple: Mash sells made-in-China motorcycles with extra attention put into the design. The styling on Mash’s lineup is relatively slick, and the Shineray-built engines themselves are often derived from trusty, time-proven Japanese designs. Mash has been in business in Europe for a while now, but given the North American dislike of Chinese bikes, it’s not really had any presence in the US or Canada.

One of its more recent offerings in the EU market is the X-Ride Classic 650. It’s definitely worthy of the Mash name, as it’s basically a mash-up of late-’70s Yamaha styling and what appears to be an engine designed off Honda’s early-’90s XR650 lump. If you look at an early XT500 photo, you can definitely see where Mash drew its visual inspiration for this machine. Look at that engine, and it certainly seems to owe a lot to the Honda XR600/650 air-cooled singles (note there’s an oil cooler installed, though). Stroke and bore is the exact same as the XR650L, at 100×82 mm. It has Delphi EFI, though, and not a carb. No doubt there are many other differences, but Mash’s machines often have engines with designs that look a lot like vintage Hondas.

Claimed output from the 644 cc engine is 40 hp at 6,000 rpm. The gearbox is a five-speed, and of course e-start is standard.

As for the rest of the bike: Seat height is 860 mm, dry weight is 169 kg and fuel capacity is 12 litres. Oddly, both front and rear rims are 17-inchers, meaning this is best kept to tarmac. Not that you couldn’t take a 17-inch front off-roading, but a 19-incher would be preferable, and a 21-incher would be even better yet.

UK pricing hasn’t been released, but when there’s an official MSRP, you can find it at Mash’s website.

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