When Honda et. al. invaded the US market in the 1960s and 1970s, big-bore bikes like the CB750 grabbed all the headlines. But that’s not what kids in the ‘burbs were riding. If your parents had the dosh back then, chances are you started your riding career aboard a minibike. And now, thanks to a Mecum auction this weekend, you can relive your days of fluffy hair, tight jeans and baseball T’s, and buy another minibike.

Mecum’s January 7-17 Kissimmee auction is mostly filled with cars, but there are motorcycles for sale as well, including this “Best of Show” minibike collection. There are 18 machines listed here, all with small-cc engines, tiny knobby tires and low seats.

This 1969 Rupp Roadster is one of two non-Hondas at the sale.

The machines range from 1968 through 1991, although most of them were built in the 1960s and 1970s. Some are fully restored, some are unrestored, and some are unrestored and basically unridden (with a single km on the odometer). Almost all are in the 50-70cc range, although there’s an ’73 Honda SL100 (which probably doesn’t technically qualify as a minibike, but it’s close enough—there’s an ATC70 there too.). Most are Hondas, but the collection includes a ’69 Rupp Roadster and a ’70 Bronco TX7. The majority of the minibikes are offered without reserve pricing as well.

A rare 1982 Honda Z50J Tokyo Edition.

It’s an impressive array of bikes in pretty good condition, especially when you consider most of these machines were ridden hard and put away wet (or never put away at all!) by their youthful, irresponsible owners. The minibikes will be auctioned off through the weekend, individually, not as a single lot. Given the moto-public’s revived interest in minibikes over the past couple of years, don’t be surprised if many of these sell for prices that far outstrip their original MSRPs.

Check out Mecum’s auction site for more details and photos.

Photos: Mecum

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