Cleveland CycleWerks, the “other” American motorcycle manufacturer (sort of), is working on a new electric motorcycle project, to be unveiled in March.

Cleveland CycleWerks is based in Ohio as the name implies, but up until now, its bikes have been built overseas. The range of small-capacity twins and singles has been built in China, with design input coming from CCW founder Scott Colosimo. The first bikes in the line were air-cooled single-cylinder retros, based around Chinese adaptations of the Honda CG125 design. As years have passed, CCW has diversified, adding parallel twin models, a liquid-cooled supermoto/trailbike line. and even a battery-powered bike that could best be described as a crossover between an e-bike and a full-capacity electric motorcycle. Cleveland CycleWerks has also offered a wide variety of factory accessory parts, unlike most made-in-China manufacturers.

However, Colosimo has said from the beginning that he wanted to build made-in-the-USA bikes, but he was unable to do so because he wasn’t able to source the parts he needed locally. Now, he’s working on a new project that will allow Cleveland CycleWerks to bring production back to the US, and also expand further into the EV world.

The new electric motorcycle project is known as #FalconRising, because hashtags are how marketeering gets done these days. The name is pretty much all we know about the machine; the CCW website has some vague photos on the project’s sub-page, but no real details on range, power, recharge time, or anything else. It does, however, say “#FalconRising will be our first made in the USA (Cleveland) E Mobility vehicle, which has been a goal of Scott Colosimo (our founder) since inception.” Does that mean it’ll be entirely made from US-sourced parts? Not likely, as not even Harley-Davidson or Indian can say that.

CCW is also looking for pre-orders on this project. You can find more details about that, and about the official unveiling of the bike on March 20, at the Cleveland CycleWerks website.

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